London Kitchen Social

Being a food photographer for several years, I have met a great deal of chefs, recipe developers and producers who are just starting out in their field.

The usage of food photography in social media has grown dramatically in the recent years. Instagram in particular has become a successful business platform for advertising and shows no signs of slowing down.

Food photography can be very expensive for those just starting out and people find themselves unable to produce head-turning images.

I launched London Kitchen Social as a platform to not only offer affordable and beautiful images with the addition of promotion through it’s own and Pavlova & Cream’s social platforms, but also to encourage cooks and developers of all levels to create beautiful photos from their wares and dishes.

I owe Majella a lot due to the results of our last collaboration together. Her amazing shots of my dishes landed me the job as Sous chef at Auberge du lac. I highly recommend Pavlova and Cream highly for anyone that is looking for eye catching and beautiful photography. I’m always truly surprised when I see her photographs. They are really my dishes! – Chef Anthony Raffo- Sous Chef Auberge du Lac

How it works:
I hire the studio for a day and you join me for a chosen window of time. That time is dedicated to you, your wares and creations. I always book studios with full cooking facilities and very close to a prop store.

Here’s a handy tip: The more prep you do at home, the more time you have in front of the camera.
More prep = more photos

Your 2 hour package includes approximately 20 (never less than) high resolution edited images for you to use as you please on any platform that you like.
I will also then go on to showcase these images on London Kitchen Social and Pavlova & Cream social media platforms. Between me and you, that’s triple exposure.

Working with Majella countless times has brought me some amazing opportunities. It gave me the chance to have my work exposed to some major players in the industry. Her passion brings my creations to life and inspires me to push on: James Peck- Burnt Lemon Catering.

Not just for chefs.
London Kitchen Social is for potters, bakers, chocolatiers, producers of food and drink, basket-makers, candle makers, the list goes on. Basically anyone who requires a two hour photoshoot to aid their business growth with beautiful photographs that showcase their passions and creations on social media platforms.

I always love a good collaboration. It’s that magical moment when my work really comes to life. It’s the combination of great produce, lovingly prepared and presented by highly talented chefs and photographed by an amazing artist such as Majella. Thats when my work gets transformed from a piece of ceramic into a true dish of food. LKS is an opportunity for you to transform the way you view food presentation and have a great day with like-minded people. I can’t wait for the next one.

Plates by Maham Anjum, Chris Bowen, and produce from First Choice

Here’s a little insight to what happens at The London Kitchen Social one-to-one photoshoots.

Video by Edward Groves.