My Blog of the Recent Antics and Releases

Happy Sunday to my readers.

Hopefully you’re reading this with a glass of wine in your hand, as I am writing this in the same way and with a little cheese on the side.

It been a pretty good weekend at this end.

I had my last day at my morning job on Friday and it was a little emotional. I’ve been there for 16 months and had made some good friends that helped me through a difficult time in life. I am grateful for the time I spent there and it taught me so much about myself and other people.

On the same day I had some food photography released in an article I created for It made the front page on the day and can now be found in my own section Majella’s Reflections

These were taken with a mixture of natural light and flash, and various small f.stop readings. The top one was taken with my macro lens at f.stop 2.8.

The chef I collaborated with on this day was Dave Pigram. If you are on Twitter. I recommend you follow him. He’s ideas are quite mind-blowing and his small F.stop imagery is very cool indeed. You can find him @chefdave_82 I will be releasing the Image of the Month from him before this month is over.

I also attended a Black Cow Vodka event and will be releasing that blog on Tuesday. It is delicious, by the way and was the perfect Bloody Mary material that I needed on Saturday to help me recover from a small celebration that I had on Friday night.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I will be editing some images from a trip to Billingsgate Fish Market that I embarked on earlier in the month.


Majella x