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Throwback Thursday To A Favourite PhotoShoot

My Blog today is photography focused. It’s about one of the first photoshoots that I ever did.

I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Clifford at the Electrolux Cube event. Electrolux practically mounted a glass cube containing a full kitchen and a table for 16 persons, on the top of the Royal Festival Hall at Southbank in London.

It was spectacular.

I mentioned to Daniel about my passion for food photography, and very soon after, I was lucky enough to be invited to Midsummer House to perfect my camera skills on some of the most beautiful food I had ever seen.

This perhaps 5 years ago, maybe more..

This is a cod dish that went on to be featured in for Image of the Month.

This is a stunning fig dessert taken from above, which is not normally my style but I was still learning about my skills and preferences.

This dish is my favourite of the collection. This image went on to be published by FOUR Magazine online, with the recipe from Daniel. It is smoked Quail. I love this action shot and when it was published by FOUR, I nearly fell out of my bed with joy.

When I look back at these images now, I recall my excitement and pride about the shoot and the results. I remember back then, I wasn’t even shooting on raw format nor making use of focal points. They definitely are not as sharp as the images that I produce today. There is still something magical about them though.

If I could give any advice to budding photographers, I would say “Practice, practice, practice and also remind yourself, that even when you make mistakes, you are still learning”

Thank You for reading,

Majella x

My Blog of the Recent Antics and Releases

Happy Sunday to my readers.

Hopefully you’re reading this with a glass of wine in your hand, as I am writing this in the same way and with a little cheese on the side.

It been a pretty good weekend at this end.

I had my last day at my morning job on Friday and it was a little emotional. I’ve been there for 16 months and had made some good friends that helped me through a difficult time in life. I am grateful for the time I spent there and it taught me so much about myself and other people.

On the same day I had some food photography released in an article I created for It made the front page on the day and can now be found in my own section Majella’s Reflections

These were taken with a mixture of natural light and flash, and various small f.stop readings. The top one was taken with my macro lens at f.stop 2.8.

The chef I collaborated with on this day was Dave Pigram. If you are on Twitter. I recommend you follow him. He’s ideas are quite mind-blowing and his small F.stop imagery is very cool indeed. You can find him @chefdave_82 I will be releasing the Image of the Month from him before this month is over.

I also attended a Black Cow Vodka event and will be releasing that blog on Tuesday. It is delicious, by the way and was the perfect Bloody Mary material that I needed on Saturday to help me recover from a small celebration that I had on Friday night.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I will be editing some images from a trip to Billingsgate Fish Market that I embarked on earlier in the month.


Majella x

The nudge I needed.

After an inspiring and exciting seminar by Warren Knight at The Business Show at Excel this afternoon, I pushed myself to get my bottom in gear and start this blog. One of the things Warren said today was, that it’s allowed to mess it up the first few times, but if you don’t try it, you’ll never know.

To this date, the articles that I have written for have been well received and I will continue to write for them, as I am always offered such enjoyable opportunities and adventures.

This is a bit more personal.

I’m lucky enough to work in an industry that I love and to be surrounded by inspirational and hard working people from many fields.

I write this blog as a little descriptive journey of my antics and the short stories and jaunts of those around me.

I hope it’s enjoyable.

Majella xx

First Ever Blog Post

Well Hello There Friends and Followers

I wasn’t sure how this would go tonight, but if you’re reading this then I’ve done something right.

Welcome to my very first blog post

I promise to try not to bore you all.

Thank you all for your continuing support.

Happy Reading,

Majella x